Posted by: Rachel | March 17, 2011

Seeing double, er, triple

If you are a parent and have more than one child you have very likely been told, “Oh your children look so much like each other.” And if you are like me, you think inwardly to yourself  “yeah right, trust me, these children do not look alike.” But then one day we break out the old box of  pictures, (or as the case may be, look through the multitude of photos on the computer) and um, whoops, maybe that person was right after all.

Here are my little pieces of humble pie, proving to me that yes, they do look alike.

Alaina at 20 months, Rhiannon at approx 8 months, Delilah at 15 months



  1. i know lots of people feel worse than i do in dealing with depression. but i know enough to understand how very real it is. i’m thankful for people who can understand. it is so good to meet you. diane

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