Posted by: Rachel | March 19, 2011

Getting Spring Fever

I love seeing a front porch with nice seasonal decor. So I’ve made some attempts at sprucing up our porch, but since we have no mudroom or garage our porch tends to get cluttered with boots, bikes, strollers and all those other items that American families tend to gather.

I was getting tired of my winter jazz on the porch and very ready for some Spring Things. Our friendly neighborhood greenhouse just started selling pansies and my lil mind was dreaming of all kinds of cute tin containers bursting with colorful blooms. But first I needed to actually get some cute tin planters. I thought about going to the Reuzit to see what they have but my Delilah girl is sick and making random shopping trips wasn’t really an option.

Meanwhile I had to go pick up our beef at the Butcher Shop and on my way home I saw this craft store that I’ve often wanted to stop at and so I did just that. I’m not really sure why I could stop at the craft shop when I didn’t want to go to the Reuzit. But anyway, I found the cutest little containers.

Aren’t they just Adorable? Of course the Rock (the Rock is my hubby, see about me section to understand why) thought they look old, and I said of course, aren’t they awesome?

Anywho, back to the craft shop. There were birdhouses and other crafts/antiques outside of the store. And in one bucket were um, not sure what they are called, those things with a bird or flower on the end of a long stick. You can put them in gardens and sometimes they look super tacky, but these were kinda cute. The girls thought we just must get one of them. I said I will have to think about it but that we probably won’t because they were ex-pen-sive. Not cheap lil dollar store whirly-gigs, no way, these cost $8.00.

But then I saw The. Most. Awesome. Thing. Ever.

Is it not beautiful? I have been seeing keys all over blogland and here was a chance to have one all for my very self. I could not resist. I haven’t decided yet what exactly I will be doing with the key. I have a few ideas but need to think about it yet.

And then I felt guilty because I told the girls that we were only getting a planter and then I gots meself a key and so I broke down and bought them their little birdie thingy. Guilt is expensive 🙂

This is not the best picture but my camera battery died and so this is whatcha get. It was a little hard on my pride to buy it because they can look so tacky. I thought maybe if I put it in a big beautiful planter filled to the brim with flowers it might look okay. The problem is when you have children sometimes they have their own decorating ideas, especially if it was something they chose. This was one of those times. Alaina insists that it belongs in a flower bed. I still have plans of putting it elsewhere but for now, the flowerbed it is.

By now I’m sure y’all ( I used to hate the word y’all, but now I kinda like it. Isn’t that weird) want to go dashing to this craft shop too, so you can also buy the most wonderful things ever. Or is it just me that wants to do that when I read someones blog? Anyway the shop is along Railroad Avenue. If you turn right on Railroad Ave from 322 it is the first place on the left after Linden Grove Road. Their stuff is a lil more expensive but a lot of it is actually old stuff, not just imitation old stuff that some poor little Chinese kid made.

Next week sometime I shall show y’all (haha, such a cool word) the planters in all their glory, filled with purty blooms. I still have something else I’d like to add before I take more pics.

How are you preparing for spring?



  1. Rachly-Pachly, I love to read what’s in your head!!! Your soooo fun!!

    • Thank you! I was just thinking of texting you guys cause we are having steak. 🙂

  2. Sharing your excitement on your neat finds! I have been busy making great plans this spring as well! I have my one garden all tilled and planted, and can hardly wait to start the next one. I have cleaned up my flower beds and have plans of making an herb garden. I am waiting for the weather to warm up.

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