Posted by: Rachel | April 6, 2011

Things that make me wanna cry

You’ve probably all seen a baby start to cry when something doesn’t go his way, right? And it’s actually kinda cute watching their tears of distress over some simple thing. I think this world would be a better place if adults could cry too when things go wrong.

If I was a crying person I would have had myself a fantastic bawl today. It started with a little girl climbing the chair in front of the computer and streeeeetching to reach the keyboard and mouse. She began to pound away on the keyboard and click-click-click the mouse. The computer screen now looked like this

And that made it very difficult to check out facebook. boohoo.

But that was a walk in the park because oh, yes, my dear friends and neighbors, it gets worse. I decided to call our friendly health insurance company because yesterday the pharmacy charged me $45 for some meds. Our copay is usually $10 for generics and $20 for brand name meds.

Now calling up the wonderful insurance company is an exercise in patience. First you must press 1 for this and 2 for that. And then some automated voice tells you this and you want to scream “aaarrrgghhh” into the phone but you don’t. At long last you have reached a real live human being and they say something like “hi, my name is Monica and bla bla bla.” Eagerly I start to tell her my problem and then as if she hadn’t heard a word, “hi, my name is Monica and bla bla bla.” I SAID YES I HAVE A PROBLEM, “hi, my name is Monica and bla bla bla soon I will hang up if no-one is there” My whole being is saying NO….. WAIT, I’m here! I see that my phone has been muted and I try to unmute but it is too late.

Oh and the whole time that this is happening there is a side story. The side story goes like this: “Mom, I need a rubberband for this paper.” Um, there’s none in the drawer where they would be if we had some so we probably don’t have any. “Well, I need one for my paper” She goes to look for one in her Daddy’s desk. Delilah comes over to me and wants to be held. I hold her and she starts to grab all the insurance papers. I put her down on the floor and then she cries and flops around on the floor like a dying fish. I wanted to join her but that is about the time that “Monica” answered the phone. And Alaina says “Mom, there’s no rubberbands in Daddy’s desk, and I really need a rubberband.”

Deep breath. Relax. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Right? ok 1800 insurance … press 1… press 2… if you are calling for bla bla press 3… phone number… bla bla….. policy number…bla bla….. patient name…. patient date of birth…. bla bla press this press that and finally the golden voice of a Real Person says “hi this is Kristen how may I help you today” And Kristen breaks the harsh news to me that so and so medicine is a Tier 3 medication and therefore costs me a $45 dollar copay.

But wait, there was a side story again. Alaina comes running and crying “Rhiannon stole my stickers” “no, I did not” “Yes you did” waaahhh…. restore stickers to rightful owner while pressing one and pressing two.  Rhiannon steps on Alaina’s long and flowing cape that is held in place with a hair clip. Cape falls to ground… patient name… A child gets pushed…. patient date of birth…. one child cries… another child cries… Kristen answers… children scream… Tier 3…. children cry.

The proper child thing to do would have been flop down on the floor and have a nice long loud cry. But I saw my husband coming in the driveway and decided it would not be very welcoming for him to walk into such a hostile house and so I sat down and held my baby and put a smile on my face. And the crying children? Well they had their cry so things were now better.


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