Posted by: Rachel | April 15, 2011

That’s what Friends are for

For the past few years some friends and I get together every other week for Bible Study. It is a blessing to be able to set aside some time for fellowship, food! and most of all, digging deeper into God’s word. Tonight we met at my house. It’s been a while since we’ve been together since one of my friends was in an accident and hasn’t been able to get around very well. We just got new books and hadn’t had time to look over them so we spent most of our time catching up on the latest in each others lives.

I love being with these girls. They fill up my cup, and I love how we can share honestly with each other. We don’t all do things the same way, but we respect each others differences. They aren’t afraid to tell me that my picture frames look kinda crazy *you know who you are! 🙂 * and I’m not offended. Isn’t that great, having friends who really let you be yourself? who let you know you’re crazy but that they still love you? who like you even though your family is, well, different?

I’ve never had many close friends. My friends kinda came and went for various reasons. So now when I finally have friends who are truly my *best friends* it makes my heart all happy.

And while the Mommas were visiting, the lil ones were getting along quite well too.

Well, there may have been a few incidents where they smacked each other on the head. But you know, that’s what friends are for, am I right?!


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