Posted by: Rachel | April 19, 2011

Raining on my Parade

It’s being one of those days. A day when things don’t go the best. I hung laundry out this morning, some bedding, even though I knew there was a chance of rain, cause hey, there was a chance of rain yesterday too, and it was beautiful yesterday. Not today, tho, today it rained on my parade bedding. And I didn’t get it in right away because I thought maybe it would just be a little sprinkling and then the sun would shine. Nope, today it rains all day.

I needed to go run some errands, do some grocery shopping and get stamps, oh, whoops, I forgot the stamps. I hate getting stamps. If I shopped at a store where I could buy them that would be nice but I don’t. The Ephrata post office is right in town and only has on street parking. I don’t mind parallel parking but sometimes the spaces close by are all taken and then you have to park halfway up the hill which isn’t bad when you are walking down to the p.o. but then on your way back up it is a chore especially if you are holding a squirmy wormy 1 year old. Sometimes you have to wait in line really really long just for stamps and I don’t like that. Listen to me, I sound so whiny. I don’t like walking up hill, waa-waa, I have to wait in line, waa-waa. Oh, and the worst thing about the post office is the hours. Awful awful hours. waa-waa.

Before I left the house I had to change Delilah’s socks because she stepped in some water that she spilled from her sippy cup. I put her shoes on and by the time I was ready to leave the house she had them off again.

First stop was Staple to send some stuff out to California for the skirt business. I also don’t like going to Staples. There are no parking spots close to the store and it seems everytime I go there it is raining. Delilah’s shoes were off when we got there so I put them back on and put her down so she could walk in to the store by herself.  About five steps later I saw that her one shoe was off  AGAIN, and so the nice dry socks that I just put on her, well one of them was all wet.

Staples had all kinds of bins that were very easy for Delilah to reach in and grab everything she wanted. And one time while I was filling out the shipping form she went out through the automatic doors.

I should have asked at Staples if they have stamps but forgot. I was too busy trying to make sure they didn’t kick me and my daughters out of the store and tell us to never come back. Oh, and I was trying to find an address book. Which they didn’t have.

After Staples we went to Glenwood. That went better, probably because Delilah was in a cart. Why didn’t I think of that at Staples?

After Glenwood we went to Wal-mart. I had to get the girl’s fluoride pills.  So I ordered the pills, did my shopping, went to pick up the pills. When I wanted to pick up the pills they said Delilah’s weren’t ready yet, not sure why, the lady said she’d check into it. It was 3:00 and Alaina comes home from school at 3:30. That meant I had to wait on the pharmacy(which can take long) and then check out (which can take even longer) and then drive home really quick. Lucky for us, Walmart is 3 minutes from home 🙂 So we waited and waited and when I thought that I can’t wait any longer, the pills were ready. Things started looking up, because there was only one person in front of me at the checkout. YAY, seriously that is amazing for Walmart.

Anyway we made it home before Alaina got home and things have been going good since then. Except my laundry is still out in the rain… and I don’t have any stamps.

On days like today I force myself to think about days like last Monday when it was so so so beautiful. The girls spent lots of time outside.

Rhiannon said she wants to be a horse back rider when she grows up. Methinks this horse is a tad too small for her. But as you can see by her flying hair she was really rockin’ away.

The playhouse got some use again. Sometime we really need to put some stain on this thing.

I know I’m her mom and all, but I think she is so stinkin’ cute.  Just look at how she’s standing on her tippy toes. So cute, I tell you.

Yeah, my two oldest were barefoot. I told them I don’t think it’s a good idea but hey, if they want cold muddy feet who am I to complain.

And to complete the wonderful spring day my hubby grilled some steak. yum

Hmm, looking at these pictures and remembering that day has kinda washed today’s blues away. I think I’ll go celebrate by spray painting something!



  1. Hey Walmart sells stamps at the checkouts or at least they used too.

    • Do they really? For some reason I thought they don’t. I will have to check next time I go.

  2. Eby’s store has stamps !!

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