Posted by: Rachel | April 26, 2011

First graders, Tulips and baby kisses

Today was a happy day. I like happy days. We had a birthday party for Alaina and the other April birthday girl in her class at school today. I went to Wally World this morning and got Easter eggs and candy at half price (yay, half price things). Then I filled several eggs for each child in their class and put their names on them so they can’t just get the first ones they find. Then I hid them in the shrubs around the school house.

It’s cool how excited the children were about hunting down the eggs. Maybe I’m showing my age but an Easter egg hunt just doesn’t sound like a grand time to me. But oh, they were so thrilled! And I guess that was fun, I like making first graders happy.

After the egg hunt we had a little snack for the children. Puppy Chow also makes first graders very happy. And ice cream sandwiches and pretzels and lemonade, but especially Puppy Chow. We ate outside in the grass. First graders like to eat outside. And after they are done eating outside they like to play on the swings and the slides. And they really like when Esther’s mom can push them really high.

First graders have funny teeth. They are at the stage where some baby teeth have fallen out, and some adult teeth have grown in. Alaina has one HUGE tooth that is growing in between two tiny little teeth.  Sometimes I think it looks strange but today I decided that’s ok, because all first graders teeth look a little strange.

Right now I am envious of all the beautiful tulips. Everywhere I go I see tulips, lots of tulips, but not in my flower beds. And I want some in my flower beds too. Then I want to have a huge bouquet of tulips on the kitchen table. Red tulips. I like red tulips best. Tonight Delilah and I went for a stroll to the neighbors house. I asked if I may take pictures of their tulips.

As I was going across the road again I saw one lone tulip in our front flower bed. I’m not sure when it got there but yippee, one tulip for me!

It wasn’t a bright red tulip but that’s ok. I decided that I would enjoy it more if I picked it and had it in the house instead of all the way at the end of the driveway where I won’t even see it. So now I have one lone tulip in my house.

Isn’t it so pretty? It makes me happy. Maybe I’m kinda easy to please too, like first graders.

Baby kisses make me happy too. After Alaina and Rhiannon were in bed tonite Delilah was giving Earl and me cute little kisses. I was on the one sofa and Earl on the other. She would give Earl a kiss and then run over to me and give me a kiss then run back to him and start over again. It can be scary when she comes toward you with her mouth open and her little baby toothies all sharp but all that happens is you get some baby saliva on you. Baby saliva isn’t too bad if it means you are getting baby kisses.

First graders would probably think I’m out of my mind, preferring baby saliva over hunting Easter eggs. Oh well, someday they are gonna like baby saliva better than Easter eggs too.


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