Posted by: Rachel | April 27, 2011

Days are Getting Warmer

You know it’s summertime when you see this

Hubby was at Costco the other day and got a watermelon. He said he didn’t have anything in his cart and he had to put something in so this is what he chose. 🙂 It isn’t too bad, I’m usually leery of getting them when they aren’t local. It doesn’t have the most juicy flavor but it isn’t green either.

Earl’s brother grows produce for a living and always has delicious watermelons. We try to be very nice to him so that he gives us lots of free watermelon and tomatoes. Just kidding… kinda! Earl just got some tomatoes from him yesterday. My hubby loves tomatoes on his sandwiches.

And since I love little toes, here’s some cute lil’ toes for ya

I like to tell the children that I’m gonna eat their toes for lunch. Rhiannon says ‘Du not can eat people, I know du not can.’ She says du instead of you.

Time to go, gotta sew some ribbon for Alaina, she’s just like her momma, she’s got lots of crazy ideas!


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