Posted by: Rachel | May 6, 2011

Rambling Thoughts

When I was a little girl I loved going with my Dad to feed our horse. The barn was really old and since there was no electricity in there  it was usually very dark and spooky at night. Dad would fill up a huge bucket with water and then get the horse out of his stall and let him drink from the bucket. A horse can drink until you wonder if they are gonna pop like a balloon. And while they are drinking they make huge gulp gulp gulping sounds. You can even see the huge gulps of water go down their necks if you watch closely.

Tonight our minivan made huge gulp gulp gulping sounds when I filled it up with gas. I could seriously hear it go ‘chug chug chug.’ It made me think of the horse and its never ending thirst. I think I only filled up the minivan twice since we got it. Usually Earl does it. So I’m not used to how long it takes to fill that tank, which, in case you were wondering, is close to forever. The car would usually take approx. 11 gal., but the minivan takes a whopping 20 gal. which you now know takes for-ev-er to gulp down.

I’m not going to complain about the price of gas. Not because it’s cheap or anything but because I got bigger fish to fry. What’s $79 to fill up the gas tank when I need a dental work that’s gonna cost $790? I was at the dentist today and they said I have an infection going on in my one tooth. It wasn’t bothering me but I guess we better take care of it before it turns into a flesh-eating monster and gobbles my brain cells. Cause methinks that would not be cool. I like the word methinks. Methinks it’s a fun word.

Today was not all doom and gloom. Actually was very excited to receive some skirts from California. We finally found a laundry that is able to do the washes we wanted. Next step is ordering a huge shipment and start selling.

I mowed yard today. I love breathing in the fresh scent of cut grass. We have a huge yard and it’s kinda relaxing to go zipping along on the zero-turn mower with the ear muff thingys that protect my ears from the noise. It’s neat how they block out the noise except for a slight hum of the mower. It puts you in your own little world being shut off from all the sounds.  The sky was absolutely breathtaking while I was mowing. So brilliantly blue with big fluffy white clouds. It made me wanna lean back my head and just stare at the total majesty of it all. One time I did try that and then the mower started to go places it wasn’t supposed to, so I let the skywatching for the birds.

Methinks my ramblings shall come to an end now.

P.S. Thank you all for your wonderful comments and thanks for actually reading my sometimes mumbly jumbly thoughts. I’m finding that writing this blog is almost like therapy for me. It helps me process my thoughts, and sometimes I will write a post but never publish it, but I feel better because I simply spoke wrote my mind and now the thoughts are no longer spinning around in my head. Spinning thoughts in my head keep me awake at night, so it’s very good to get them out of there. Don’t you think?



  1. If it puts your mind at ease my van gulps 23 24 gal. and barely stops at $100 to fill it and my dental work is costing me $2660 does that help at all. Hopefully your head wont’ spin to much tonight. lol

    • Yeah and I’m thankful that we get decent gas mileage with our minivan. I can’t imagine driving a big gas guzzler right now.

  2. I starting reading from the back and wanted to catch up to the front… I know this is from 2011 but you said about selling skirts? Are you still doing that?

    • Our skirts can be found at Main Street Exchange in Blue Ball. Thanks!

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