Posted by: Rachel | May 20, 2011

Coupons and Weariness

These last few months I keep trying in vain to lower our grocery bill. It is outright embarrassing how much money we spend on food and such things.

One of the things I’ve been trying is cutting coupons. I go through the Sunday paper and clip the ones I would use. I only cut out the ones that are for things I would buy anyway, like the brand of shampoo we use or the kind of coffee we buy. Then I put the coupons in a little envelope thingy that goes in my purse. At the store I put the shampoo in my cart and think how awesome it is that I will save one dollar on this shampoo. And on the way home from the store I become very upset with myself because I FORGOT TO USE THE COUPON! So frustrating.

I vow to do better. Next time I WILL REMEMBER MY COUPONS. Tonight we went to Costcos. I had cut a bunch of coupons out of the flier earlier today and when I put the paper towels in my cart I thought ‘Yay, I will save two dollars on these towels.’ Except I didn’t, because I forgot to use the coupon. And I try to reassure myself that really its only two dollars, and it’s no big deal.

There must be other ways to cut costs, right? I could make bread instead of buying it. We use lots of bread; I put two and one half sandwiches in Earl’s lunch every day (one and one half if there are leftovers). That’s five slices of bread every work day, and bread costs much more than it did seven years ago, twice as much actually. And unfortunately our income has not doubled in seven years. So sad, isn’t it? And also sad is the fact that Earl doesn’t like homemade bread for his sandwiches, he says it makes them too thick. Too much bread not enough meat. (The man does not like thick doughy things like too much bread with his sandwich, or pancakes, or waffles, or pizza with a thick crust. I think those things are delicious.) To be very honest tho, I don’t mind because making bread is time consuming and if we have homemade bread the girls just want to eat jelly breads all the time.

I have problems, don’t I?

I really should be thankful. I think I am thankful, it’s just I’d like to not be spending all our money at the grocery store.

I’m weary too. Delilah has been sick for the last few days and isn’t sleeping well. It’s not a very good week for her to be sick, (that sounds ridiculous, I mean, when would be a good time to be sick?) we are host family on Sunday, and tomorrow night is Alaina’s school picnic. There’s lots of things to do and I’m tired and my baby is grumpy. Well actually at six o’clock she was grumpy and now at midnight she is wide awake and very happy. I’m trying to write a blog post for all my adoring fans and she is trying to scoop up the keyboard with a pink plastic shovel. There is no sign that she may soon fall asleep as she clambers around from the stool beside me to the chair on which I’m sitting. Back and forth, back and forth. She babbles away in her baby language, babble babble. She loves to press the buttons on the keyboard and click click the mouse. She will pull and tug at the office chair to get it close enough to the computer, then climbs up on it and reaches for the keyboard. If she can’t reach the keyboard she gets off the chair and pulls out the keyboard thing, gets back on her chair and starts tapping away.

In approximately fifteen years she will be sixteen and I will be wishing that my biggest worries were keeping her away from the computer and how to lower the grocery bill. Maybe she will help me remember my coupons at the checkout.



  1. Great Read. I also cringe in humiliation when I am honest with myself about how much I spend on groceries. I usually save money by shopping less often and cooking more like our grandparents did. (I know I don’t have to explain that to you)

  2. Rachel it’s great to hear of another mother’s days and her forgetfulness=:) Hopefully the later part of your week will go better!

  3. That’s really good Rachel! Keep writing! Geniene thinks you’re a genius!

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