Posted by: Rachel | July 7, 2011

Staying up late isn’t what it used to be

Here I sit, again. It’s after midnight. And Delilah is wide awake. That child, honestly, I don’t even know what to say about her. This morning at 5 o’clock when Earl left for work she wouldn’t sleep again. I wanted to sleep because she kept me up til midnight the night before.  So anyway, I tried to sleep and she wandered around doing whatever she does when there is no adult supervision. Like bring a peeled banana into bed.

I can’t think to write because she is crying in the kitchen because she wants a lollipop. It’s 12:20 AT NIGHT and the child thinks she should have a lollipop. Dear Lord, where have I gone wrong? I offered her an apple but she just went back to the kitchen to cry for her lollipop. Maybe she will cry herself to sleep. Oh, there she comes.

I hold her. For about 30 seconds. Then she cries. and while i hold her, she holds my hands and that makes it hard to type. (that’s why there were no capital letters in that sentence.) She’s jumped off my lap now. She’s crawling around my feet. Now she’s laying on the floor at my feet like the dog does. For 20 seconds. And then she’s off to play with an empty cereal puffs container. It’s empty because she dumped all the puffs on the floor earlier today. It made the house look like a pigsty, well even more like a pigsty than it already did. I vacuumed the puffs up. I was just. a. little. irritated. because the stupid vacuum wasn’t working like I thought it should.

She doesn’t play with toys  much. But she does love to push the little doll stroller around. Right now she is holding the mouse that is connected to a toy laptop and pretending it’s a phone. “ja ja ya sh shaa gu gu giggle giggle” Crikeys, child, it’s 12:39 AT NIGHT. No one wants you to call them at 12:39 AT NIGHT. (Is ‘crikeys’ a cuss word? I hope not)

Now she has climbed up on my chair. She’s sitting behind me and trying to get the mouse. Maybe she wants to use that for a phone too. She found a bag of plackers. Probably she stole them out of the bathroom drawer earlier tonite. She wanted a placker and so I gave her one. She loves placking her teeth.

We love Plackers

What!? She has a lollipop! How did she get a lollipop at 12:47 AT NIGHT?

It’s now 12:57 AT NIGHT. I’m starting to feel like a zombie. She, on the other hand, is happily playing with a headband and making my hands go ‘patty cake’.

She lays on my lap. I think she’s getting tired. But then she looks at me and smiles. A big happy smile that says ‘hey momma, i’m having fun’.  I smile back, but it’s not a big happy smile. It’s a weak smile that barely lifts the corners of my mouth, because, well, you know, ITS 1:13 AT NIGHT. SERIOUSLY, where did I go wrong? ( You probably shouldn’t answer that question, a tired woman does not like to be told what she’s done wrong.)

It’s now 1:31 AT NIGHT, but my smile is now a big happy smile! I believe I hear angels singing. My precious Delilah is FINALLY sleeping.

And if you ever wonder why I like to sleep in till the sun is way over head please think back to the last 575 words you just read. Because it’s 1:39 AT NIGHT.



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