Posted by: Rachel | July 12, 2011

Our Master Busy Weekend

As the title says, we had a ‘master’ busy weekend. Master is the word my daughters use to describe things, as in we were very busy = we were master busy. Or we had master fun, or that was a master, master big cookie. I’m not sure how it started, maybe they misunderstood ‘massive.’

This isn’t a master exciting blog post. Kinda hum drum actually. Sometimes my brain isn’t all inspired to knock out a bunch of awesomeness. And then other times I actually overwhelm myself with the awesomeness that overflows from within my noggin.

Anywho, as you may have discovered on FB, my hubs decided to invite his family for Sunday evening. During the summer his family often gets together for Mountain Pies and we usually like to host one such get-together ourselves each summer. I much prefer more than two days of preparation but it felt like if we don’t do it now, it would probably be September or later until it would get done. Therefore my day Saturday was master crazy, preparing food and my house.

Sunday morning we went to church. I decided after Sunday School that it was time that Delilah understood that church is a time to sit. I went downstairs in one of the small classrooms and sat in a creaky rocker and held her. For the entire time that Clair was speaking I held her. She was NOT impressed. She cried the entire time that Clair was speaking. She was master mad. And then when the service was over she gave up and nicely laid against me. And fell asleep.

She isn’t the kind of child that likes to be cuddled. Alaina loved to be held when she was young. Not Delilah, she wants to run and play. Being held for thirty minutes is comparable to torture for her.

After church the host family invited us for lunch. We decided that we would accept the invitation but warned that we wouldn’t be able to stay long. So we had master good food and wished we could have stayed longer because everyone was so master interesting. Instead we headed home in our minivan that Earl had just cleaned so nicely on Saturday.

Why do I mention the clean minivan? Because on the way home a certain seven year old girl got master sick and vomited in the clean minivan. Which was then master smelly. When we arrived home Alaina and Rhiannon both laid down on the sofas and fell asleep. Earl cleaned the minivan and I prepared some more things for our Mountain Pie get-together.

We spent the evening with family, food, and a fire for cooking our food. (I also spent some time with a girl who vomited once more, and then proclaimed ‘I hate this’ in loud sobs.  I told her that I hate it too, and that when I was baking her in my belly I threw up lots of times.) We discussed old, ahem, age-challenged relatives that don’t want to take their medication. We ate lots of watermelon, and drank lemonade and meadow tea, and tomatoes with mayonnaise, and of course Mountain Pies.

It feels as if his family has achieved a ‘new normal.’ His sister and husband and family moved to Iowa last spring. They have seven children and so our family get-togethers just aren’t the same since. There are only five grandchildren in Lancaster County anymore. Three grand-kids are in New York, three in Wisconsin, and seven in Iowa. Earl’s family is master big. Nine children. In my family there are only three children so it makes for very different families. I have learned to enjoy both families and their differences.

And now to totally change the subject here are some pics of our life this summer. Because everyone loves pictures.

This girl loves scooter rides

Hot summer days = Ice pops

I love how the picture below is so perfectly Rhiannon. Poetry in motion.


That’s all for now. I’ll be back the next time I’m overflowing with awesomeness.


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