Posted by: Rachel | July 28, 2011

My Camera ate the Dentist

I was at the dentist today and got a few teeth filled. They put in silver fillings and now my mouth is highly irritated. Some people don’t like going to the dentist but I don’t mind. Our dentist is super cool. Dr Schmidt is his name.  Hopefully you will all go there now and then next time I go he will fill my cavities for free. Preferably I won’t have any more cavities although that is highly unlikely because I have inherited the Glick teeth genes, which is to say awful teeth.And I like to drink Pepsi, lots and lots of Pepsi.  So anyway, go to Dr. Schmidt and tell him that his favorite patient sent you there.

On the subject of teeth here’s a cute picture for you.

Lilah and her Sponge Bob toothbrush

This girl loves brushing her teeth. When her sisters are brushing their teeth she will get her brush and toothpaste and bring it out in the living room to me. Then she makes her little sounds to tell me that she wants paste on her brush. She also flosses all the time. That’s right, my lil girl has got great dental hygiene. Dr. Schmidt would be so proud.

A one year old that flosses her teeth. How awesome!

On to other things: my camera lens is broken and I feel lost without it. Just like a part of me is missing. I have a Nikon D40x that we bought several years ago at Costco. It’s a great camera and came with two lenses. Of course my favorite lens is the one that’s broken. I took it to the camera shop and they said it would cost $80 to fix it. And it would take three weeks. I don’t want to wait that long but a new one costs $180 or more. All our money is going to pay Dr. Schmidt’s mortgage.  My other lens is also broken but I can still use it.

In memory of my camera lens I will post some of my favorite photos that I have taken with it.

Alaina, age 3

This is one of my favorite photos of Earl.

Rhiannon on the tree swing, Summer 2010

One more thing: Everyone needs to buy the book ‘Growing up Amish’ by Ira Wagler. It’s a great book, it doesn’t just gloss over Amish life but truly gives you the good, the bad, and the ugly. Go buy it. Now. Or do like I did and make your brother buy it for you. I gave him some guilt trip about how I have children and can’t just go to the store whenever I want. And so he bought it for me. I guess I should pay him for the book if there’s any money left since I went to Dr. Schmidt. Gotta remember that, or next time he won’t buy me any books.

It is officially bedtime and I had better brush my teeth. oh, and can’t forget to floss too. Cause Dr. Schmidt said so.


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