Posted by: Rachel | August 23, 2011

Stress Level Notification

I’m feeling stressed. It’s nothing I can blab about, just some issue which I think should be resolved NOW, but unfortunately will probably drag on until it dies a miserable death.

School starts in 3 days and I need to sew dresses for the girls, get #2 pencils and some erasers, oh, yikes, just remembered that Rhiannon also needs new sneakers. And a backpack. How do I keep forgetting this stuff? Ok, now I’m really stressed.

There are bees living in the girl’s bedroom so they are sleeping on the sofas in the living room until we kill the bees. The bees moved in while we were at the cabin this weekend.

I just remembered that I forgot to pick the string beans today. I really need to work in the garden, the weeds are winning the war again. But first: #2 pencils, erasers, shoes, backpack, sew dresses, kill bees, etc., etc.

I should mow the yard, pressure wash the playhouse, put stain on the playhouse, make pizza sauce, make peach slushy cups to freeze for lunches, and finish the curtains for the girl’s room. Oh, and I need to sew dresses for the girls and me for an upcoming family wedding. In less than a month. I should be sewing a school dress for Alaina right now but I can’t sew in the living room because the girls are sleeping there.

We were at the cabin this past weekend. Three short days. Not near long enough. Well, maybe it was long enough. We went biking nearly every day on the rail trail and now whenever I go down steps I go ‘ouch, ouch, ouch’ because I’m so sore. Or maybe that’s from skidding along on a gravel road when I drove my husband’s moped off a ravine. Who knows?

The first bike ride's reward? Ice Cream at the general store.

Second bike ride's reward: A beautiful river bed filled with smooth pebbles. Perfect for wading.

Delilah found her own little splashing pool.

Rhiannon and her souvenir rock.

I should wrap this post up with a nice little ribbon and tie all my thoughts together in a tidy package. But I don’t have any pretty ribbon of thoughts right now. Sometimes life is just a messy mishmash of rat race and relaxing vacations. And that’s all I have to say tonight.


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