Posted by: Rachel | November 16, 2011

Sis yusht da Beat

I had a headache again today. It started off just itty bitty this morning but by this afternoon it was a force not to be dealt with. So I went to bed and just rolled around in pain. Last week I had a big bad headache too, and I thought to myself that I would get a prescription for Maxalt and then after the headache went away I put it at the bottom of my to-do list. In case you’re wondering, it’s now on the top of the list again.

I love these last few days. So nice outside, not too cold, perfect to send the children outside. I dug our old battery operated Jeep  out of the poor man’s shed for Rhiannon and Delilah today. When I went to hook up the two 6 volt batteries they pushed together pretty hard. So I thought maybe there was some dirt or dust in them because the Jeep was pretty dusty looking. Nope, no dirt, just nasty dead stink bugs. Stink bugs pretty much own this place, especially spaces that are not used much. If you move a box or storage tote be prepared to find lots of dead stink bugs and even some live ones, depending on the season.

The stink bugs sometimes congregate around the ceiling fan light. They make this horrid buzzing sound as they go diving and swerving around like suicide pilots. Delilah is starting to be a bit scared of the nasty creatures. When she hears one buzzing she puts her hands up on her head as if to protect herself from their poor navigation skills. It looks so cute to see her sitting there on the sofa, kinda hunched over, eyes peering upward making sure no stink bugs get through her defense system.

Truly amazing: next week is Thanksgiving. It makes me think of an old song my dad used to listen to: ‘time keeps on slipping, slipping, into the future’ Steve Miller Band. It’s amazing how much my life has changed in the last ten years. Ten years ago I was a junior in high school. Now I have two children of my own that are in school. ‘Sis yusht da beat’ is what all the old Amish ladies would say, ‘oh, sis yusht da beat.’ I’m not sure how to describe that in the English language. It means ‘it’s unbelievable’ and all the Amish ladies say it with much emphasis and wonder in their voices. Lots of emphasis on ‘yusht’ for some reason or other.  If you ever wish to mock a bunch of Amish ladies sitting around gossiping that is how you would do it. One person would say ‘did you hear about so and so?’ and everyone else would say, ‘oh, sis yusht da beat’. Not of course that I would condone mocking a bunch of Amish ladies, or anyone else for that matter. But next time you find yourself in a situation with a bunch of Amish ladies you can use that line and you will fit right in.

Because I had to sleep all afternoon and evening so my headache would go away I am not tired at a time when proper people should be in bed. Not that I would necessarily be considered uber proper or anything like that. Speaking of proper, my children think I’m too concerned with what kind of clothes they wear, or whether the clothes are ironed or not. And I thought I was actually fairly unconcerned. But they just don’t care about the ‘properness’   of  not wearing athletic socks with dress shoes. And really people, what is it with dress shoes these days? Everytime we buy the girls new dress shoes they get ugly scuffs almost immediately.  Depending on the material they are made with it’s not too bad and you can polish them but lately a lot of them are made with some cheap stuff that just peels off of the shoe and looks forever nasty.

Delilah loves shoes

Maybe I should just have the girls wear sneakers all the time. Last week we made a shoe shopping expedition and it was possibly the most torturous event ever. Earl wanted to go along because he wanted to make sure we got ‘chite’ shoes. There’s another Amish word for you. ‘Chite’ means decent and according to Amish ladies a lot of things aren’t chite. Also according to my husband 80 percent of the girl’s dress shoes aren’t chite either. No heals and no slipper type shoes he said. That left us with about 4 different styles to choose from and only oh, maybe one of those styles was offered in the size we needed.  I was very glad that he went along though so he could see how exceedingly difficult it is to purchase footwear for little girls. I don’t think he will insist on going along again. On the upside we no longer need to listen to complaints about tight shoes on Sunday mornings.

I think I am now sufficiently tired and I should go to bed. The Amish ladies would say that it is just not ‘chite’ how late I am up at night. And then they would all say ‘sis yusht da beat.’


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