Posted by: Rachel | November 24, 2011

A Lot of Thanks

Today I’m thankful for pumpkins, not because they are nice for decorating, or because they are pretty, but because without pumpkins we wouldn’t have pumpkin pie. I’m also exceedingly grateful for canned pumpkin, because this year I made my grandmother roll over in her grave and I used canned pumpkin instead of getting a real pumpkin. I hope I made enough of pies for our get-together because my brother said I should make eight pies. He plans on eating four of them and said it wouldn’t be fair if there wasn’t a slice for everyone else too.

I’m thankful for a mother who makes good pies and has helped me in learning the art of good pie making. I’m thankful for my paternal grandmother, now living with the saints for nearly eight years, who is the person who passed on the wonderful pumpkin pie recipe to my mom.

I’m thankful for my brother (he who eats four pumpkin pies) and our phone conversation this morning. I’m thankful for my other brother who drove to Philly last night to bring home the pumpkin pie eater so he could join us for a Thanksgiving feast today.

I’m thankful for the fine ladies who were here last night reviewing our new church directory. I’m ever so thankful that I’m nearly done with the church directory. And all the people who are in the directory, well, I’m thankful for them too. I love belonging to a church body where everyone knows everyone. We are all blessed by those who do the work required about the church, the big things, the little things, getting up in the pulpit on Sunday morning, teaching the little ones in Sunday School, cleaning the church building every week, and mowing the lawn.

I’m thankful for the view outside my dirty filthy windows today. Even though the trees are bare and the fields are muddy I know that come springtime the color will come back and next summer the garden will once more bring forth good things to eat.

I am thankful that we have enough money for a newspaper subscription. I love the comics, Dear Abby, the editorial pages, world news, and most of all today, I like all the Black Friday advertisements. I love that this country celebrates a day of shopping in a glorious insane way that is nearly pure hedonism. I love the deals I’ve gotten over the years, a leather jacket many years ago before I was married, a wool peacoat in more recent years, beautiful silverware with which to serve my guests when they eat off our humble table. I enjoy the small talk that I engage in with fellow shoppers as we stand in lines circling the store waiting to pay for our desired purchases. I’m blessed by last year’s Black Friday excursion when my pumpkin pie eating brother went with me on a consumerist voyage to that happy land known as the Park City Mall. I love this picture of him wearing the suit he bought that day.

Stephen and Rhiannon

It blesses me to know that there is a company out there that makes a great product called Pepsi. I’m so thankful for them that I try to drink at least two 12 oz. cans of it a week. I am also very glad that our Lord created another product that is just a tiny bit better than Pepsi, called water. I love the water that we get at my mom’s house because our water tastes yucky because of a water-softener. I love the cold water that flows forth from our water cooler like manna from heaven. Seriously it is that good. If you ever want good water, you gotta try some water from my mom’s house.

I’m thankful for my husband who went to fetch more water at Mom’s this morning. I’m glad that he puts up with me and that he loves me. I’m glad for our little offspring who bless me each day. I thank God that he gave them inquisitive little minds that love to learn about the planets, and how to count to one hundred. I love how our five year old tries again and again even though she nearly always says twenty-eleven, or thirty-eleven. I’m not usually thankful when Delilah spills water on the floor but I am thankful for her.

I’m thankful for Facebook, and friends on Facebook. I’m thankful for friends, even though we never get together. I’m thankful for cough drops for my children’s sore throats. I’m thankful for the old man at church who talks and talks and talks. I love listening to his stories: the house he wanted to build on the hill but didn’t and he’s so glad he didn’t because he knows it was just pride in his heart that made him want a house on the hill; the songs his wife heard the angels singing on her deathbed; his meals at Shady Maple and how he gets them for half price because of his age; how he thinks people in nursing homes just waste away; how he shouldn’t have sold his real estate; what he eats for breakfast; how his ancestors came to this land and how they were smart cause they only stayed in Bowmansville for one year because that is swamp land there and they seen big huge trees in the other area and so they went to that area instead. Oh that man is a wealth of information.

I am thankful for Reese’s peanut butter cups, our minivan, battery operated toothbrushes, and God. Not necessarily in that order. I’m thankful for hot water, cold ice, flip-flops, watermelon, sofas, books, great neighbors, puffy white clouds, pampers, libraries, and cheese. And I’m so thankful that it’s time to quit writing and go read the comics, and maybe eat some pumpkin pie too.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


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