Posted by: Rachel | December 7, 2011

The Sun don’t Shine

It’s a rainy dreary day. Some times I like those kind of days and some days not so much. Today is one of the not so much days. I’m wearing a snazzy pair of heels to cheer me up. It’s helping, a little bit anyway.

I ran some errands and picked the children up from school this afternoon. I don’t like driving in the rain because it reminds me of when I wrecked Earl’s truck. Maybe if I wouldn’t drive so fast it wouldn’t be as scary. If you are my husband, or my dad, or Ray Bradley, please pretend that you never read that sentence. I am a wonderful driver, very slow and careful, like an older Horning man. Why is it that old Horning men are the ABSOLUTE slowest drivers EVER? My husband and I think it’s because they don’t want to get home to their wives.

It’s only December and already I’m starting to feel the winter blahs coming on. Not sure how this is going to go all winter long. Maybe I should start taking my Zoloft very faithfully, and eat lots of fruit and vegetables. But Christmas cookies are better, right? ( If you are my dad, or my doctor, please pretend you never read that sentence either.)

There are still a few things in life that cheer me up, even if the sun won’t shine. One of them is this girl and her daddy. Both of them can be a tad exasperating at times, but other times they are overwhelmingly sweet.

Going for a joyride

And this girl and her big brown soulful eyes. She is so wise. She asked me for a ‘beverage.’ Yes, she’s seven and she said ‘beverage’ not drink. When the boy in her class doesn’t know what satellites are she explains them like this: ‘They are kinda like our moon, except they are made on earth.’ She says the sky is blue because there is air around the earth and then the sun shines through it.

Girl of Wisdom

And then there is this one too: She is so excited after school to tell me about all her papers, and everything she learned, and the Christmas card her friend gave her. It makes me feel as if I’m important in her life, the way she is all giddy with excitement and can’t wait to share it with me.

A girl with lenseless glasses and cheese curl lipgloss.

May your sunless days be filled with cheese curl lip gloss and beverages and wisdom. And may the sun come again. Please. Soon.


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