Posted by: Rachel | December 9, 2011

The Miracle of Puppy Birth

This afternoon I was back in the bedroom when I heard some squeaking sounds. At first I didn’t really think about it, until I realized these sounds weren’t going away. I thought it might be our crazy dog Jackie. She is big and pregnant with her first puppies and she wasn’t herself all morning. I thought these puppies weren’t scheduled for arrival til next week so I just figured she’s going through that miserable last week of pregnancy. That’s a misery I know about all too well. The last few weeks I’ve felt so sorry for that poor dog, she’s so big and looks miserable dragging her gigantic belly along wherever she goes. And she doesn’t have much energy, and is forever going outside to her potty that is the great outdoors.

Anyway, I see that she is at the foot end of the bed and it kinda looks like she is stuck under the bed, and I think to myself, ‘you poor fat dog, you even get stuck under the bed.’ And so I lift up the bed skirt and look underneath to figure out how to help this dog out of her misery….. and then I see a PUPPY! OH. MY. WORD. I started absolutely going NUTS. I was hyperventilating and looking for the phone to call Earl, because OH. MY. WORD. WHAT. AM. I. GOING. TO. DO? I call Keystone Concrete where Earl works, and as always the guy in the office answers the phone and I realize I need to calm down, because I can’t sound like a total nutcase. When Earl comes on the line I start talking way too fast and high pitched (according to Earl) and he thought something was seriously wrong.

He tells me to get a box and a blanket and put the pups (by this time there were two of them) in the box. So I did that but then Jackie took them out of the box and IN TO THE CLOSET! So not where I wanted puppy birthing guts. I’m on the phone with Earl and I can tell that he is amused at how worked up I am, I hint that he should come home but he does not seem worried AT ALL. Also Rhiannon and Delilah have figured out what is going on and they are excited, especially Delilah. I try to tell them to stay out in the living room because I don’t want Jackie to be disturbed but Delilah won’t hear of it. She sees little squirmy creatures and she wants to look at them. I shoo them back out to the living room and go back to check out the closet situation. AND THERE IS A PUPPY WRAPPED IN A SAC OF BIRTHING GUTS AND SOME YUCKY PLACENTA LIKE THING IS HANGING ON IT. To say that I was calm would be the biggest lie of the year. I promptly get Earl on the phone again and hint some more that he should come home. Jackie didn’t seem concerned about her latest offspring, she was still licking one of the other pups. Brave me had to towel off the gross sac thing myself. And so I did. I  worried about whether to cut the cord but really really didn’t want to do that. I left the bedroom again to redirect my children’s attention and luckily when I returned the gross gunk was gone. I do not even want to think about the disgustingness of that meal, but at least I didn’t have to dispose of it.

And so it went. It got better from there. I didn’t have to assist anymore with sac removals. I shut the bedroom doors so the girls wouldn’t be tempted to have a front row seat during the show. I didn’t mind them seeing the birth, but just didn’t know how Jackie would react to all that commotion during such a stressful time. She delivered four more puppies, seven in all.

All legs and tails

Around five o’clock I opened the bedroom doors and allowed the girls to go back there more freely. Delilah was so thrilled, she kept going to the hallway and saying ‘shhh’, and fussing away in nonsense language about what was back there. Alaina and Rhiannon have taken it upon themselves to name the dogs. Let’s just say I don’t have high expectations for these names. After all they are the ones that thought we could name Delilah ‘Salt’ or ‘Pepper’ or ‘Underpants.’ Some of the puppy names they chose were ‘Pinky’ or ‘Pink-lips’ because that puppy had pink lips. Others were ‘Lost’ and ‘Upside-down dog.’

Cute puppies snuggle up to their mama

Right now I am typing this and I hear the little yelps and squeals of the pups and the hum of the space heater beside their box. Tonight after the girls went to bed Earl put the pups in the box and brought it out to the living room. We really didn’t want them squealing in our bedroom all night long, plus it kinda smelled and I wanted to clean that up. It wasn’t very messy, dogs are amazingly clean birthers, it just smelled funny.

After Earl brought the box into the living room we just sat there on the floor looking at them. They are so amazing, they all want to suckle at their mother, and they squeal and squeal as they try to crawl over their siblings to that perfect spot. Jackie lays there so calmly and yet I think it must be overwhelming for her. They can hardly all eat at the same time and so there is constantly one squeaking away in displeasure.

I love their little feet and their beautiful fur. They are so cute and yet kinda ugly too.  I was never the one that spoke out in favor of Jackie having puppies and today definitely was not the most relaxing day; and yet, it really is special. I am so amazed at the instinct that Jackie has in knowing how to take care of these puppies. I know that I sure wasn’t that capable with my first child. It makes me wonder if humans don’t have that instinct or if we just have so much knowledge available to us in book form, the internet, and so on, that we never actually listen for that voice inside of our head that says, ‘now it’s time to lick the guts off your child.’ Ok, ok, so maybe the voice wouldn’t say that to us, but you know what I mean, right?

Tell me, what do you think? Do we have parenting instincts like dogs? Do we squash them away? Or do you just want to say, ‘awww, look at the cute liddle widdle puppies.’ Not you, Ruthie, I know you don’t think they are cute, but the rest of you? Can I hear an ‘awwww!’?




  1. Awwwww…….I think they are really cute, but then again I love all puppies. I think we do have strong instincts on mothering, but our ‘self’ gets in the way. Both humans and dogs learn more with each baby or litter. Some of our mother dogs are good first time mommas, the next need help, and some totally ‘loose it’ (:= Hopefully they do well for you!!

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