Posted by: Rachel | December 23, 2011

Brubaker Valley Road, How I Love Thee

Yes, I’ve dedicated this post to Brubaker Valley Road. The road and I were first introduced last week and were reacquainted today.  I had to make a trip up to the teensiest town ever, Elm, and the meeting time was approximately 4:30pm. This just happened to put me on Brubaker Valley Road during the Golden Hour. Oh, Golden Hour how I love thee. The fields were just glowing, the greens so brilliant, and a hazy orange glow hung over the farms. Every detail in the fields was accented with the soft shadows of the falling sun. The rolling valley to my left was bordered in the distance by the mountains and to my right were big mansions with richly manicured lawns on a steep slope overlooking the valley. It was almost achingly beautiful and I wished that I would have had my camera along to take some landscape photos. I vowed that someday soon I will go revisit BVR with my camera.

On my return trip home I was amazed at the difference that 40 minutes made in the beauty of the valley. There was still some lingering daylight but the fields and valleys looked lifeless and dull.(This is why you have your photos taken during the Golden Hour, you will look ten times better 🙂

Also on my return trip I discovered another reason to love Brubaker Valley Road: that road is awesome for speed! Once again, don’t tell my husband or dad or Ray Bradley. (Ray Bradley was a youth group adviser when I was a teen, but more importantly he’s also a police officer, who would possibly delight in nothing more than pulling me over for speeding, am I right about that, Ray?) But anywho this road makes my inner love of speed rise to the surface. It’s smooth and has some nice curves to it, not too much traffic.

If one ever wanted to get me a wonderful gift here is an idea for you: find a closed course where I would be able to drive a car as fast as I wanted with no one else on the track. I would LOVE that. I find it absolutely exhilarating to pick up speed while navigating curves in the road. You have to find that sweet spot where you are comfortable, not holding the wheel with a death grip, just fully focused driving where all your concentration is required.You and the car become one with the road, just gliding along like a high speed train on the track. What an adrenaline rush! I love it.

I would probably drive like this a lot more in real life if not for the fact that I have a husband and three children. Something about having others depend on you makes one think a little differently about potentially dangerous things such as this. And the fact that I usually have a child or two or three in the car with me. Yeah, it’s no wonder though that my husband does the driving when he’s along.

Next time you call and I don’t answer the phone, don’t worry, I’m just out on Brubaker Valley Road…


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