Posted by: Rachel | January 18, 2012

A Bossy Little Girl

I wrote this several months ago, and am only now posting it. Previously I thought it wasn’t done, but I’ve changed my mind and decided to go ahead and publish it.

On the way home from the store today I took a different route than usual. A little girl who goes to kindergarten told me in a bossy tone of voice, “Them people go this road. And I hate it.” (Them people would be the ones who drive the school van.) I thought those were kinda harsh words considering we were really just discussing a road, and so I asked her why, and what is wrong with this road. “It just different, and I hate it.”

A little bit later she asked “how we gonna get more bologna?” Oh, I don’t know, I guess we will go to the butcher shop and get more, but we don’t need more yet. “Well, when we not have any more bologna, how we gonna get more?” Just get in the car and go to the butcher shop, that’s how. “But how?” By now I’m thoroughly confused. So I question her a bit about why she wants to know how we will get more bologna. “Cause the water there and we not can go the road to the busher op, dat’s why.” And finally I understand. Last week my mom and I took the girls to see the overflowing banks of the Conestoga River after the wrath of Hurricane Lee, and the road that leads to the butcher shop was covered with four feet of water. I explained to her that the water all went down now, and that it will be no problem to go get more bologna. I think this was a great relief to her because that girl loves her bologna. She’s just like her father.

The Bossy Girl, during less bossy times

Her suppertime rant: “I wanted to have a beautiful day, and du ruined it.”


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