Posted by: Rachel | February 13, 2012

The Boring Day of an American Housewife

I’ve had a good day so far. Good days are good. I went to get my glasses fixed at America’s Best. Lucky for me, they are still covered by my one year warranty, guess I should’ve known that several months ago when the little stinker first broke them. Lilah tried on glasses while they were fixing mine. Oh, and she pulled about 20 glasses off the rack and scattered them about. I was a good person and put them back in place before we left.

Lilah trying on eyeglasses

We also went to Old Navy. They have these new t-shirts: Vintage Crewneck. They are the (I asked my brother what some of the cool ‘in’ expressions are, and that was one suggestion he gave) I have a hard time finding tees that are loose enough that you can’t see the extra pounds on my belly. If I get tees at places where they fit loosely they are usually made for old grandmas. And old grandmas don’t have much of a torso (either that or they just wear their pants up above their belly) so those shirts aren’t long enough. And lately the ‘Perfect Fit’ tees at ON have these ridiculously huge necklines that necessitate layering another shirt underneath. But Yay! the Vintage Crewneck is perfect. Except of course the colors kinda suck. Oh, well, it wouldn’t be Old Navy if everything was perfect. I tell you, I have a love/hate relationship with that store.

Vintage Tee from Old Navy

At the register the lady asked me if I wanted to put this purchase on my Old Navy card. Because I had cash and I didn’t really want Earl to blow a gasket at my purchases I said no. Thanks a lot Old Navy, I come home and they had emailed a receipt to us. So much for him not seeing the details of the purchase amount. *Full disclosure: I rarely, if ever,  try to hide how much I spent from my husband. Please don’t think I do this all the time. Our relationship is stronger than that. *

I wanted to go to Costco to see if they have Rug Doctor steam cleaners. We usually rent one but have often thought about buying one. With our dining table in a room with carpet (real smart, person who designed this home, real smart) we need all the carpet cleaning tools we can get. I wanted to get one at Costco because theirs includes the hand/upholstery tools. Walmart does not include that and they both sell for approximately the same price.

I called Costco and asked them if they have the Rug Doctor in-store or if it’s only online. This lady says, ‘Rug Doctor? like for cleaning carpets? No, we don’t have that.’ And I thought to myself: that was a very fast answer, I bet she does NOT really know. That warehouse is huge, and they are often getting different items in. So I went anyway. And guess what: THEY HAD THE RUG DOCTORS! And guess what else: $50 Manufacturer’s Instant Rebate. That is Awesome Sauce! So I got my Rug Doctor and thought about the lady that almost made me miss out on that great deal. Costco customer service: Lame with a side of Wack Sauce. (That’s another phrase my brother taught me.)

Now I need to make cookies for the girl’s Valentine Day parties at school. I already made some but we ate them 🙂

Valentine's Day Cookies

Aren’t they beautiful? I got the frosting recipe from It hardens nicely so you can stack them. They have a glossy sheen and yet the frosting isn’t rock hard.

And…. a few hours later and the cookies are made, frosted, and packaged.

Miss Kasey's cookies

It slightly kills me that the tag isn’t a pretty design printed out all neat, and that the staples are showing. But I’m trying to let go of my inner perfectionist and not ruin fun things like this for my children. There are actually two cookies in the pack.

Reverse view: Chocolate Chip Cookie with Valentine's M&Ms

I had made the Choc. Chip Cookies a week ago and put them in the freezer. Tonight we just got them out and popped them in the lil bags. And then all the lil bags went in one big bag.

All ready for the party

I should finish up some work in the kitchen and keep my little girl out of trouble. It’s as if she’s on crack cocaine *I’ve no idea what that would actually be like, it just sounds like an accurate description. She pushes chairs to wherever there is something out of her reach. Right now she just tried standing on a round water jug in order to get something. Needless to say that didn’t work out so well. She talks to my mom on the phone, one jibber-jabber mash mash of sounds that make no sense at all. I can tell that she has something in mind by the signs of serious brain activity going on in her head, but my mom on the other end just gets non-sense.

Today at Old Navy while we were in the fitting room she took off her shoes and socks. Then she put her legs into the neck opening of a t-shirt and tried to pull it up to her waist as she stuck her feet out the arm hole. Whenever she sees one of those ladders they have in stores she goes climbing up the steps. Today at Micheal’s she climbed into a wheelchair, and so I pushed her around in the wheelchair. I’m sure it looked incredibly silly, me pushing this little two-year-old in a huge wheelchair, her little legs kicking up and down against the seat, but hey, she was happy as can be.

And I’m off to supervise her tucking a blanket over the dog. I don’t this is going to end well.


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