Posted by: Rachel | March 28, 2012

Politics and Babies

I’m a bit of a political junkie, I like to stay in the know about the current events and of course, form an opinion. I also tend to have very different political views considering who I am. Many conservative Mennonites would align themselves with the Republicans, agreeing on most right-wing stances (with the slight exception of war.) But thanks to my father and my times with the good ole folks at the UU, I, yeah, definitely don’t mark myself down as a Republican. I’m not going to get into all the reasons why, and I try to not get into political discussions with certain groups of people for fear of being burnt at the stake.

There are times when I don’t mind making a comment or two, and one of those times is when someone posts political commentary on Facebook. Especially when they habitually post things that I disagree with. I feel that if you are going to express your opinions in a public format like that then you probably expect responses. I have found that there are many people in this world who live in a bubble when it comes to their opinions: most of their friends and relatives feel the same way they do, and they rarely hear someone making a good argument for the other side. So sometimes I appoint myself the one to show them where their thinking is flawed. I try to be rational, and not attack the person who I disagree with, because as we all know, that is childish and does not contribute to a good discussion.

A few days ago, a certain person once again posted a political comment, one where he tried to make the argument that strippers and no-good-dead-beats are the ones voting for Obama, and not the ‘good’ people like small business owners, stay-at-home moms, and people of such ilk. I took a few minutes out of my day to educate him that I know small business owners and stay-at-home moms who voted for Obama and will very likely do so again in the future. There were some responses from him and those who think like him and over the course of a few days I made some more comments. Long story short, he defriended me. I was shocked, seriously, I mean why get upset over such a little thing. And if his beliefs aren’t strong enough that he can’t handle a little discussion, then why post them online?


In other news: yesterday there was a letter to the editor saying that pregnancy/babies aren’t a disease, they are a gift from God. I wished I could introduce the letter writer to my current diseased state to show her that yes, pregnancy can be a disease. You just get miraculously healed after nine months. And yes, this is my way of announcing to y’all that I am indeed pregnant/diseased. Please hold the congratulations. Currently everything I eat must be considered with much importance to determine whether it will increase the constant nausea, maybe calm my stomach a little, or most of important of all, if it happens to return to it’s point of entry how will it taste? (sorry if I made you no longer hungry for your cheerios.) I am so tired that I probably spend more time sleeping than awake. My nose is sensitive to smells so a walk down the hallway can cause my stomachs to do flip-flops, too strong dryer sheets at the one end and general kitchen smells at the other end. In between are musty jackets that smell like concrete dust and oh, don’t forget the odor of poopy diapers wafting out from another room.

I will be happy about it, it’s not that we didn’t want this baby. I just always forget how absolutely sick I feel, and this time it’s worse, I’m sure.

*I’m not saying babies aren’t a gift from God, but that there is definitely some illness involved for some of us, and it’s not all merry merry pie in the sky.*



  1. I love your post. So agree with you on both of your subjects. I love stating my opinion at times (since we all have some), and found out many people get offended. Funny how you got defriended. My husband is a politics expert and he keeps me informed(:=
    You have my sympathies on the pregnancy sickness. I usually get sick, and have found a few things that help. I think I commented on your facebook.
    ~ Carolyn Rissler

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