Posted by: Rachel | July 11, 2012

Food We Eat

I occasionally take pictures of food I make. Then those pictures sit in my files on the computer for years and no-one really appreciates them. That of course must end. So to make you all hungry I shall be sharing food pictures.


I make the best pizza. Really, I do. Homemade crust, and homemade sauce that I can every summer. I even get picky about cheese, I prefer grating the mozzarella instead of buying pre-shredded packaged mozzarella. Sometimes I will compromise on the cheese for time’s sake. Usually I like to use a bit of cheddar cheese too, for looks and flavor 🙂  And for toppings I often chop up ham in my Food Chopper and put that on top, sometimes pepperonis if I have them. Last week I added some onions on Earl’s side. I use the pizza stone from Pampered Chef which makes the crust nice and crusty on the outside but fluffy on the inside. And I love the woven server, now retired, also from Pampered Chef. You just take your piping hot pizza stone out of the oven and plop it right on the server and set on the table.

You know those Pizza kits that people sell as a fundraiser? I feel bad because I never want to buy them. They aren’t nearly as good as the pizza I make.

All ready for the oven

I took this picture once upon a time to show Earl that I really do put lots of pepperonis on the pizza, they just happen to shrink in the oven. Plus when you slice the pizza there are always a bunch of pepperonis that slide into the slicing. If that makes any sense.


Gotta love the fresh fruits that come with summertime. So far this season we have had cherries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and watermelon. Lilah just liked to hold up the cherries and say ‘ball’ because you know anything round must be a ball. She wouldn’t really eat them though.

Corn on the Cob

Corn on the Cob is a favorite around here. And it takes a LOT more than it used too. Even Lilah eats two whole corns.

A Complete Feast

Last year my brother (who lives in Philly) came home over the July 4th holiday. Earl made BBQ Chicken on the grill; he makes the best BBQ Chicken. There was also fresh peas, string beans, buttered noodles, cole slaw, and deviled eggs. I’m sure there was dessert too, but I must have gotten lazy when it was time to take pictures of that.

Sun Tea and Strawberry Smoothie

At our house Sun Tea is a much anticipated summer beverage. We fill a gallon jar with water and some Lipton tea bags. Then we set it in the hot summer sun for a few hours before finishing it off with some Countrytime Lemonade mix and sugar… oh, and lots of ice.  The Strawberry Smoothie doesn’t get made as often as it should, mostly because I can never remember the proper combination of ingredients. We used to make it at my Mom’s market stand and it is definitely a top notch drink. The ingredients include strawberries in syrup, honey water, and ice.

Rib-eye Steak Sandwich

The Rib-eye Sandwich is another item we used to sell at market. The steak is super thin sliced and thrown on the grill then topped off on a steak roll with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and fried onions. I’ve never been able to get my local butcher to slice it quite like the butcher at market did. I’m not sure what they are doing different but it doesn’t seem quite the same. Maybe it’s not being cut in the same direction, I don’t know.

My husband is a food person. He loves food, especially meat. I probably won his heart by the things I brought home from market for him. Saturday evenings I would get home from work about 6 o’clock and sometimes I’d bring home a Chef Salad for him. He still occasionally asks for a Chef Salad like that.  Those salads were loaded: Turkey, Ham, Provolone, Cheddar, hard boiled eggs, carrots, peppers, radishes, croutons, all kinds of goodies. Another market food I still make is Soft Taco Wraps. You use a tortilla wrap and fill it with taco meat, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheddar cheese, sour cream and salsa. So good, spicy, and messy.

Homemade Bread

I really should make bread again. It’s just the best comfort food when it’s warm out of the oven. The problem with homemade bread is it gets eaten too fast. When it’s in the house my girls want to eat nothing but bread and jelly. Store-bought bread lasts much longer.

All this food is making me really hungry. I must go eat breakfast.

A sweet honey (nut) girl and Honey Nut Cheerios

Perhaps some Honey Nut Cheerios?



  1. Oh, Rachel! You’re making me quite hungry! I’ll agree with you on the pizza. I love to make our own here. We like it MUCH better than those fund raiser things. We also love our own cheese steak sandwiches and all kinds of smoothies with the coffee one being our all time favorite!
    Would you mind sharing you homemade pizza sauce recipe? I have one I tried the last two years, but am not satisfied with it.
    I find your blogs very interesting! Well done!

    • I will have to share it with you Carolyn. I can message you on FB. We really like it and also use it for spaghetti and lasagna.

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