Posted by: Rachel | October 5, 2012

Common Sense

This morning as I was driving the school van the children were discussing how Romulus is going to be our next president. They called him a variation of  Romney, Romnus, and Romulus, so you can just imagine that they are very educated about this presidential election business. The two high school girls and I had to educate them on the fact that regardless of the polls we don’t know who will be the next president. This led the one high school girl to say that it would be funny if it would be a tie. My immediate reaction was ‘No, that would be awful, don’t you remember…’ and then I did some quick mental math and realized that Bush/Gore and the terrible chaos of the hanging chads occurred when this girl was TWO YEARS OLD.  Did I ever feel ancient. I mean, it’s less than ten years since I graduated high school myself, and already there is so much I remember well that is just ‘history’ to them.

And as I click over to Facebook I see there is yet more to make me feel old. Someone has liked a picture with the words “Like if you were born in any year 1990-1999, The last generation with any common sense.”  …..umm, did I just read that correctly, because that is not a generation that I feel is particularly endowed with great heaps of common sense. For crying out loud, they are mostly still teenagers. Simple math tells us that teenagers do not equal common sense.

There is just some horrible injustice in all this. I’m not supposed to feel old. I’m not even thirty yet.

I believe I shall just make this post short and sweet. Being 37 weeks pregnant gives one way too many things to grouch about and if I start I might not stop right away.


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