Posted by: Rachel | November 28, 2012

Awesome things

Things That Are Awesome

  • Amazon Wishlists

Every year at Christmas there is moaning and whaling and gnashing of teeth as people everywhere wonder what to get their spouse/parent/sibling/other person for Christmas.  The answer to all our problems is the Amazon Wishlist. Amazon sells most anything, and if they don’t sell it you can add items from other sites too. Finding someone’s wishlist is easy, just type in their name or email address and up pops their list. For this method to work, everyone must actually have a wishlist. So spread the word and build your own Amazon wishlist today. I’ve started on mine 🙂

Sweet pair of Vans that are on my wishlist

Aren’t they beautiful?

Another nice thing about the Amazon wishlist is when I myself can not think of any ‘wants’ I will just go to my wishlist. It’s so good as an American to be able to constantly have a wishlist full of wants close by, amiright?

  • My Little Delilah

This girl says and does the funniest things. She gives me hope that someday Atticus will be fun too, and not just a blumpy lil infant that just poops and eats and refuses to smile or even gratefully acknowledge me in any way. oops, kinda got off on an Atticus rant there. Anyway, back to Lilah. She likes to play Office Jerk on my iPhone. She says ‘I want to bro cake’ which means I want to throw cupcakes. Sometime she bros pee, which is to say ‘throw pizza.’

  • The Collage of Frames on the Wall

It’s been way too many months in this house and some parts still don’t look very homey. Slowly that is changing and one of the best changes has been some photo frames added to the wall in the living room.

Earl and Alaina hanging the frames

First I decided how I wanted them arranged. Then I taped pieces of paper on the wall to make sure I had everything centered and spaced correctly. This took quite a few attempts til it looked right. Then Earl took over the task of nailing the hooks to the wall. I am two frames short so it isn’t quite done and most of the frames don’t have a picture yet but it looks so much better. No longer is there a large empty wall above the sofa.

My mini photo gallery

There is but one small problem with these frames. I have a tendency to go bonkers when pictures are not perfectly straight on the wall, and my brothers know this. So of course they are already making it their mission in life to topsy turvy my pictures every time they stop over. Even worse, they are teaching my daughters to also do this. #can’twaittiltheyhavekids

  • Atticus in Cute Clothes

This boy is adorable in jeans.

He’s got style, now if he could just control the drool…

Doesn’t he look just like his daddy?

  • Family

Getting some fresh air after the big turkey feast.

So what’s on your list of awesome things?

Oh, and just in case you are wondering, no this list is not in order of importance.

oops, now I have to edit this: I totally forgot to add my husband to this list. He is awesome too, last night he got me flowers. AND he fixed the water pipe that was spilling water all over the floor.


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