Posted by: Rachel | March 20, 2013

The Joys and Sorrows of this Mother

Potty training is always a dreaded thing here at this house. Some people say girls are easier to train but it hasn’t been easy yet. I received some much needed motivation this week and now I’m making an effort to get the bomber plane* potty-trained.

So the bomber plane is wearing her big girl panties and spending lots of time on the potty. I started yesterday afternoon and so far there have been 3 releases of bodily fluids. All three times she was not sitting on the proper receptacle. The last time she had just gotten off the potty after sitting there for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Yes, such is my luck, and also why I said this is a dreaded time. After she has an accident I put her in the bathtub and hose her off with some water. The third time I was going to skip that but she said ‘Bath me, Mom.’ Perhaps I shall start using colder water.

This morning I took off her pamper and got out some proper underwear. She hollered in her bossy tone, ‘No no, pampers.’ I just calmly talked to her about the benefits of panties and how Jacob wears big boy underwear (I don’t actually know if he does) and how Momma does too. After she threw the underwear several times she finally changed her mind and happily put on the princess undies. Then she got a sippy cup of chocolate milk and played with her blocks for a while. Next she sat on the potty for about 20 minutes with no success. Currently the super soaker is sitting on my lap and I am a bit scared knowing that there are only three thin layers of fabric between her and I.

Now she’s drinking a cold coffee beverage (why, yes, I am a super mother) I think yesterday I didn’t give her enough of fluids and it took too long until she needed to go. Or with my luck more fluids will mean more gushes of liquid on the carpet.

*Israel’s military once had a bomber plane named Delilah. Those who know my daughter think that is an accurate description of her.


Delilah: I da hero! (she has a blanket around her neck like a cape)
Rhiannon: plops down on the floor and says: Help help, save me, I drowning.
Delilah ‘saves’ her and then says: I da hero, I help RhiRhi.


Me: Delilah, do you want to put your pajamas on?
Delilah: No, I hate jams.
She ‘hates’ everything right now. She hates potty. She hates lasagna. Earl asked me where she learned that word. I said from her older sisters. They sure didn’t know that word when they were three.


Rhiannon is rinsing grapes in the sink. Some fall out of the bowl.
Delilah: oh dear.
Later after Delilah puts the grape bag back in the fridge she can’t remember where she put her container of grapes. She puts her hands up in the air and calls out: Graaapeeesss? Where are you?


Me: Why do you girls argue?
Alaina: umm, I don’t know….. cause we’re human?


Now that you’ve recovered from reading potty training details I will tell you about my latest go-to meal ideas. I’ve discovered that tortilla wraps can be frozen and it’s so easy to pull them out and make a quick meal. I used them before but since I started putting them in the freezer it’s much easier to have some on hand at anytime. I often use the plain ones but also like to get the Garden Spinach Herb Wraps. They have a bit more flavor and they make your food colorful. Colorful food is usually a good thing as long as you don’t go crazy.

Love these!

Love these!

My favorite Spinach Wrap recipe is actually an appetizer with three easy ingredients: Spinach wraps, cream cheese, and thinly sliced dry beef. Schmear (yep, that’s a word) the cream cheese on your wraps, then layer dry beef on top and roll them up and slice for cute pinwheels. You can put on as much cream cheese and dry beef or as little as you want. Slice em thick or thin.  It’s not a complicated science.


Yummy Spinach Pinwheels

Yesterday evening we had Chicken Salad Wraps. I mixed the chicken salad myself, very simple, chicken breast cut up fine, and add mayo and pickle relish. Plop some shredded cheese on your wrap and add the chicken salad then fold it up like a little baby in a blanket, except with this baby you wrap up his head too.

Chicken Salad Wraps

Chicken Salad Wraps

I’ve done Chicken-Bacon-Ranch, Taco, and good old ham and cheese. Last week I put chicken, cheese, and ham on a wrap then heated it in the oven til it was nice and warm, then we added sour cream. That was delicious. Sometimes I’ll add lettuce and tomatoes if I’m not warming them up. Earl really likes wraps for his lunch so that’s another idea.


Warning: Unapproved use of Baby Gear

Warning: Unapproved use of Baby Gear

This boy has got some crazy strength. He can turn himself around in his bouncer seat and in his swing. The swing is now a ‘buckle-up’ zone.

It’s difficult when you have an unhappy baby because I know I shouldn’t complain, there are people who would love to have a baby, even an unhappy one. And yet it is frustrating when he is only happy for five minutes unless he’s being held. Yesterday I held him during one of his naps because the thought of laying him down only to have him wake up in two minutes was depressing. He sleeps best when he is being held or laying right next to someone, preferably his mommy. He smiles and laughs but it’s not that infectious laugh like some babies where they start giggling and just don’t stop. Nope, he laughs a short little laugh and then he stops as if he doesn’t want to get all girly and giggly cause he’s too manly for that.

I wanted a boy and I wanted one with blue eyes. I guess next time I should be more specific and say I want a HAPPY blue eyed boy. Live and learn, eh?


I’m sure you all want a potty update so here it is: In the last hour and fifteen minutes there have been TWO successful potty deposits! YAY! The bomber plane has hit it’s target!

Oh, and the Mr. Atticus slept for ten minutes without being held. Now he is crying again. There is joy and sorrow in life, my friends, joy and sorrow.



  1. kudos for you with your potty training!! i dread it! my almost 3 y. o. is very
    indifferent to my feeble attempts ;p

    • Thank You! It went very well yesterday, I was surprised how good she did. I still have to work on her to put underwear on instead of pampers but I just sweet talk her until she changes her mind 🙂

      • thats great 🙂

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