Posted by: Rachel | February 16, 2014

A Not-so-romantic Night

Last year I was inspired by friends on FB who had cute little Valentines Day meals for their family. They made pretty red desserts and decorated the table in Pinterest worthy displays. The thought had never occurred to me that Valentines could be a family thing. I thought it was a date night strictly for the grownups and kids get shipped to grandma for the evening. But we had a grumpy baby and plans later in the week for sweetheart banquet with church friends so I decided to do a family Valentines supper too. I don’t remember how it went. It must not have been terrible because we did it again this year.

The day started ok. Things were going well as I prepared the meal and the girls set the table with pretty linens and dinnerware. No food was burnt or tempers flared during this time. The only thing that gave an indication of things to come was the cold I had. I was starting to feel achy so I took some meds to keep me going.

I had to take a picture before the sippy cups were added.

I had to take a picture before the sippy cups were added.

The dam began to burst before we even ate our first bite. There is a four year old who resides here in this home and she has an obsession with saying grace before a meal. She likes to say Grace and she has a specific order in which she thanks the Lord for everyone. This order is not to be changed even when others say the prayer. There were groans from near everyone when she burst out crying as her daddy said the prayer. I tried to reassure her that she would get a turn too, and after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, finally we were done giving thanks.

All ready to eat.

All ready to eat.

Soon after this debacle Atticus decided to stand up in his chair and scratch his belly.He then proceeded to gnaw on a meaty porkchop as if he were a prehistoric caveman. The other male in the family must have felt challenged by this display of testosterone and they both gnawed on bones. Romance? Who needs romance when you can eat food with your bare hands? 🙂

Atticus and the pork chop

Atticus and the pork chop

Two peas in a pod

Two peas in a pod

The food was good but I wasn’t feeling well and even though I wanted to eat I felt so groggy and exhausted. After we were done eating I crashed into bed with no thought for dishes or cleanup.

A date night could still be miserable if I am not feeling well, but at least there would be no dishes to clean up afterwards. Nor would the giving of thanks be interrupted by screeching and screaming. These are things I must place firmly within my memory so that next year when I start to see those cute Pinteresty Valentines family meals I will know that at our house, Valentines day is when the children go to Grandma’s house.


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