Posted by: Rachel | May 7, 2014

Spring Blooms

I love this time of year. The colorful trees seem to be just as happy as I am that winter is finally on it’s way out. Yesterday evening I took some photos of our tree and then I walked up and down the street and took pics of other people’s pretty trees too. Yes, I am that person that steps in other people’s yards to take the perfect photo of their tree. The first two pictures are from our tree. I really like this tree, first for it’s beautiful color in the spring and secondly because it’s a nice climbing tree for children.




This next tree is in our neighbors yard.




And then there is this tree across the street. It is a bit past the nicest stage.


And I honestly don’t even remember which neighbor had this white budded tree.







I have this problem with envy. Flower envy, you could call it. Right now it’s Tulip envy. I have a few tulip bulbs but every where I look people have lots of beautiful red and yellow tulips. Mine are blooming very late and only have a few measly flowers. As luck would have it the children beheaded a few of them as soon as the blooms opened up. In the photo it looks yellow, but it’s not bright at all and looks nearly white.




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