Posted by: Rachel | December 29, 2014

This is the Title

It’s 4:30am and I can’t sleep. Haven’t slept yet. My sleep schedule is so incredibly messed up right now. Saturday night I went to bed much earlier than usual, so basically it was when normal people go to bed. But tonight/this morning I just CAN NOT sleep. I hate when this happens because it drives me half mad. You know you need to sleep because if you don’t it messes up your entire next day. So the more that you agonize over sleeping the less you can fall asleep. You try to relax, but trying to relax is pointless because by now you are so stressed over the sleep situation.

So I got up, put a load of laundry in the washer and emptied the dishwasher very quietly. Then I searched online for a zippered binder for a certain daughter whose other binder broke or something sad like that. Then I read Dorcas Smucker’s blog. I checked out Facebook but it was boring as usual. I need some more interesting friends or something.

I’m trying very hard to not think of all the things I could get done today if only I had already slept 5-6 hours. I should do something like empty my camera card of 2000 pictures.

So Christmas was great. We had the family at our house on Friday evening. We exchanged gifts. Earl got a drone so he was happy as a kid in a candy store. The kids made out like bandits, and have a fresh stack of books, Lego’s, toys, etc. Lamar got the kids a million piece Lego set, something crazy big. I told him he has to help put it together. So Mom and I helped him put most of it together while Stephen and Rhiannon made another Lego creation. Apparently when Stephen and Lamar were at Toys’R Us they heard a man tell his son that the bad thing about Lego is that you have to put them together. I think that’s the best part and because younger children often can’t put them together by themselves it creates an environment where the adults and the children are playing/building together.



Atticus was super excited about this ball from Grandpappy and Niene

Atticus was super excited about this ball from Grandpappy and Niene


Last year Stephen gave Phil an Eagles jersey and so this year Phil returned the favor.

The last two years Alaina and Rhiannon have made/found/dug-out-of-trash a gift for everyone. This year they painted canvases for several people. Lamar ended up getting two paintings, one a Minecraft scene and the other an EVE scene. They know him well 🙂


As for the dug-out-of-trash gifts, well that’s a story. I had heard them giggling about how Phil is going to love his gift, and one day I asked them what they were giving him. There is this doll that they have which keeps losing it’s arm. It’s been reattached once or twice but I’ve given up on it. These enterprising girls decided that this severed arm would be a great gift for Phil. Of course he wore the severed arm with pride.


The severed hand even attempted to help itself to some jello.



The kids are in awe of Mommy Zook’s colorful jello. And of her many kinds of cookies. Who wouldn’t be?


We ended the night with the taking of the Annual Family Picture which really doesn’t include the whole family, just the ‘young ones.’


And in case you think it was that easy to get everyone smiling check out the next picture. It seems that Delilah was determined to have her wand directly in front of her face. When we attempted to take the wand she ended up on the floor.



Changing the subject. My hubby came home one day with the most beautiful Christmas arrangement for me. So purty.



And here’s a pic of Atticus with the dog. He likes to pretend that he is a dog so he will lay down right beside Jackie.


If you are friends with me on FB you may have seen this pic already. Delilah was jumping off the headboard of our bed.


I believe that’s all for now, folks. I’m not gonna bother editing the pictures or spell checking or rereading for grammatical errors. I’m seriously flying by the seat of my pants. Take that OCD.



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